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?????????????A Broader, Better Portfolio of Hydrogenation Catalysts

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Raney Brochure Cover 139x180 v2.png??????

?Grace, a global leader in catalysts, originated and pioneered the development of RANEY? hydrogenation and dehydrogenation catalyst products to provide unmatched performance in the synthesis of organic compounds. Grace RANEY? catalysts are the most efficient class of catalysts available for many hydrogenation processes. With distinctively high activity, selectivity, and handling characteristics, our products can significantly increase throughput while decreasing the formation of undesirable by-products.

With a brand name you can trust, Grace offers a broad portfolio for a range of applications. Through advances in surface chemistry and by specifically tailoring catalyst to meet a demanding and unique range of industrial requirements, Grace consistently supplies superior metal catalysts that offer high activity, excellent selectivity, a high degree of versatility, ease of filtration, and excellent settling characteristics. More importantly, RANEY? catalysts offer genuine savings in terms of both low initial cost and more efficient production. 

RANEY? catalyst are used in a range of hydrogenation applications from nitro compounds to amines, carbonyls to alcohols, nitriles to amines, olefins and acetylenes to saturates. Also, they are widely used in reductive alkylations, reductive aminations and ammonolysis of alcohols.

?The RANEY? Advantage??

  • Highly active (high metal surface area);
  •  Ready-to-use: supplied ready-to-use unde?r water and do not require pre-activation, reducing batch startup times
  •  Versatile for the synthesis of amines, alcohols, polyols, alkanes by hydrogenating corresponding unsaturates or oxygenates;
  •  Low cost compared to precious metal catalysts;
  • Relative ease of separation from product (high density and magnetic separation);
  • Longer catalyst life and durability in wide range of environments;?
  • Ability to customize composition and add promoters????

Grace Can Provide the Missing Ingredients?

When you choose RANEY? catalysts, you choose the benefits of working with Grace. Our decades of scientific and materials expertise is evident in the customer service and technical support we provide. Grace gives customers confidence through collaboration, providing the guidance you need to optimize the large-scale hydrogenation process.

We develop long-term, one-on-one relationships with our customers that begins with R&D and continues through scale-up to commercial production. Our scientists provide the vital missing ingredients – custom catalysts and expertise – to find solutions to your unique production challenges.

?The Grace Advantage:

  • ???60+ years of experience;
  • Customized catalysts development;
  • Flexible, global footprint to scale up and commercially produce catalysts
  • Trusted technical support for your operation;
  • A wide range of analytical tools for product and process improvement;
  • Assistance with onsite catalyst loading and recycling (new catalysts users).?

??RANEY? Nickel Slurry Catalysts???Multi-purpose, high activity, rapid settling in most liquids. 
Nickel grades are distinguished by particle size distribution, aluminum content, and internal pore structures. Unpromoted or prom?oted. 
Slurry catalysts are used for production of products such as sorbitol, hexamethylenediamine (HMDA), toluenediamine (TDA), Oxo alcohols, etc.
?RANEY? Cobalt Slurry Catalysts?Useful when the high activity of nickel leads to unwanted side reactions such as hydrogenolysis. Outstanding performance in specific reactions include an unpromoted version in partial hydrogenation of cyclic diolefins to olefins, and a Cr-Ni promoted version in nitrate-to-amine conversions. 
?RANEY? Copper Slurry Catalysts?Ideal for more specialized or selective types. For dehydrogenation, oxidation, ester hydrogenolysis, and chemoselective hydrogenation, as in the case of carbonyl reductions.
?RANEY? Fixed Bed Catalysts?Based on nickel, cobalt or copper with a range of particle sized to meet customer requirements. Activated surface and dense core provides high particle strength and lower attrition in addition to optimum activity for the reaction. Effective at low reaction temperatures.
?RANEY? Fixed Bed Alloys?Unactivated fixed bed alloy for applications such as butanediol (BDO) where customer does t?he activation in-situ. We can supply alloys of any standard compositions with particle sizes that meet customer requirements.
?DAVICAT? Catalyst CarriersOur DAVICAT? catalyst carriers leverage our material science expertise in silicas, aluminas, silica aluminas, and zeolites. We have manufacturing controls to target specific surface areas, pore volumes, particle sizes, and average pore diameters to meet your catalyst carrier needs. Our products come in a variety of forms including powders, granules, spheres, pellets, pills, and extrudates.
?DAVICAT?? Custom Catalysts?Our DAVICAT? custom catalysts are developed in collaborative efforts with our customers. The DAVICAT? custom catalyst business uses our material science expertise in silicas, aluminas, silica aluminas, and zeolites for finished heterogenous catalysts for petrochemical, alternative feedstock, and other applications. We utilize various surface modification techniques including calcination, hydrothermal treatment, silanisation, doping, and impregnation techniques. 


?Dr. Steve Schmidt, Grace Research Fellow, authored the RANEY? Catalyst chapter in the new book “Hydrogenation: Catalysts and Processes.” Our trademarked RANEY? nickel catalyst products are one of industrial chemistry’s? remarkable stories. Find out more.????