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????FCC Additives


Download the Spring 2020 edition of Grace Catalagram?,
No. 125?


FCC, or Fluid catalytic cracking additives, are injected into FCC units in small amounts for the purpose of improving specific yields, enhancing product quality, or for reducing emissions from the regenerator.

Our current portfolio of FCC additives allows refiners to reduce SOx, NOx, and CO emissions, as well as to lower sulfur content in gasoline.  Super DESOX?? a?nd Super DESOX? OCI provide refiners with the most cost-effective solutions to minimize SOx emissions from their FCC units.

Grace's patented GSR? gasoline sulfur reduction catalysts and additives and related technologies create a variety of opportunities and options for refiners to drive profitability during routine maintenance and unit upsets, while maintaining regulatory compliance.

The portfolio also includes ZSM-5 additives sold under brands OlefinsMax?, OlefinsUltra?, OlefinsUltra? HZ, and OlefinsUltra? MZ.  These products provide increasing levels of activity for LPG olefin maximization, and are the product of choice for FCC operators focused on maximizing propylene yield.