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???????????Matting Agents


Grace pioneered the use of silica matting agents??. SYLOID? silica products are the leading silica matting agents worldwide today. They are well defined, highly porous, synthetic amorphous silica (SiO2) of high purity. Grace continues to develop silica, surface treatments, and milling technologies to address evolving market demands.

???SYLOID? matting agents are produced by milling silica to a precisely defined particle size of a few microns. Grace′s premiere micronized silica manufacturing technology can achieve products with a pore volume of more than 2 ml/g. 

Grace offers a vast portfolio? of products to meet the differing application performance requirements in various coatings industries and all regions of the world.???


SYLOID? AQ Silica Matting Agents for Waterborne Coatings

The SYLOID? AQ silica matting agents, with patent-pending technology, are specifically engineered to achieve low gloss finishes in waterborne coatings systems. SYLOID? AQ silicas impart high chemical resistance, excellent clarity, and good scratch resistance and burnishing to wood coatings that produce natural-looking, deep matte finishes on fine wood furniture, cabinets, and floors. These two AQ silicas, AQ 800 and AQ 880 can be used alone or in combination to dial in the desired performance of your wood coating.

SYLOID? AQ's Wood Coating Benefits

  • Very good matting efficiency
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent clarity
  • Excellent gloss/sheen balance
  • Good smoothness
  • Good burnishing resistance
  • Good scratch resistance and metal marking resistance
  • Easily dispersible (better handling)
  • Low dusting


?SYLOID?  RAD Silica for Radiation-Curing Coatings

Radiation-curing coatings are liquid coating systems, ideally consisting of 100% non-volatile or film-forming components, cured by exposure to radiation. Grace's SYLOID? RAD matting agent offers high matting efficiency and previously difficult-to-achieve low-gloss levels in coatings for furniture, wood and PVC flooring. SYLOID?? silica products have been developed with following benefits for radiation-curing coatings:

  • High efficiency (treatment and low particle size)
  • Low thickening (particle morphology)
  • Consistent gloss over varying coating weights
  • Excellent gloss and viscosity stability
  • Excellent application performance characteristics - easy incorporation, anti-settling, film clarity

?For more information, download the SYLOID? RAD 3007 Silica Overview Sheet.

SYLOID?  A-Series Matting Agents for Architectural Paints

SYLOID? A-Series silicas are highly effective matting agents for architectural coatings where performance and smooth feel are desirable in low gloss applications. SYLOID? A-Series silicas are available in a range of grades that offer superior performance attributes related to:

  • Stain & Scrub Resistance
  • Flow & Leveling
  • Burnishing
  • Hiding
  • Smoothness

For more information download the SYLOID? A-Series Overview Sheet?.

Other Specialty Matting Agents?


SYLOID? MX Matting Agents

Grace′s latest introduction, SYLOID? MX silica matting agents, was designed to be versatile enough to meet the challenges associated with difficult to matte low-VOC coating systems that have minimum film shrinkage during drying while also providing optimal performance in traditional coatings systems.??

For more information, download SYLOID? MX Matting Agents Brochure 

SYLOID? W Grade Silicas for Water-borne Coatings

A new generation of silica matting agents, SYLOID? W 300, W 500 and W 900, has been developed for water-borne technologies. The SYLOID? W-grade silicas offer better handling, cleaner production and less product waste and the following performance benefits:

  • High Matting Efficiency
  • Less Dusting
  • Fast Sink-In
  • Avoids Agglomeration
  • Less Foaming
  • Post Addition
  • Improved Mar/Burnishing
For more information about our silica matting agents, download the SYLOID?? Matting Agents Brochure: