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?Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Extenders?

Today, extending titanium dioxide is more important than ever. Grace's SYLOWHITE? Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Extender is a crystalline silica free alternative to titanium dioxide. It can reduce the amount of titanium dioxide required in decorative paints, primers, industrial coatings, and printing inks without negatively affecting opacity and brightness. Replacement of up to 20% wt./wt. TiO2 is typical in optimized formulations. Grace SYLOWHITE? provides an alternative to maintain manufacturing continuity when supplies of titanium dioxide are limited or costly.

SYLOWHITE? SM 405 Silicate is a precipitated amorphous sodium aluminum silicate with a particle size of less than 6.0 μm, and is well established as a cost-effective Titanium Dioxide Extender for various coating applications. ?




  • High Quality Water-borne Building/DIY Paints
  • High Quality Solvent-borne Building/DIY Paints
  • Industrial Coatings and Primers
  • Printing Inks

  • Stable viscosity
  • Less settling
  • Wash and scrub resistance
  • W??eathering resistance?

  • Problem-?free dispersion
  • Reduces paint-specific gravity
  • Reduces thickener requirements
  • Improved opacity
  • Improved whiteness
  • Reduced yellowing???

For more information about SYLOWHITE? Precipitated Silicate, download the SYLOWHITE?? Technical Information Sheet