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DARACLAR?? Silica for Beer Stabilization??

In 1964, Grace pioneered the use of silica gel as a beer stabilizer. Just a decade later, we began producing DARACLAR? GR920 hydrogel silica for beer stabilization. We patented the first fast filtering, high stabilizing xerogel silica and remain an innovator in the development of high-quality beer stabilizers, and more recently clarifiers. DARACLAR? silica technology is ideal for meeting the demands of today's brew masters.contact-us-banner-130x180.jpg?

With low leachable metals content this highly pure and consistent protein adsorbent was developed specifically for brewing process to extend beer shelf life without impacting foam stability. It selectively removes hydrophilic proteins that factor in chill-haze.

The amorphous,non-crystalline, high quality of DARACLAR? silicas insure they are safe and effective. They are chemically inert, insoluble in beer, and easily and completely removed during filtration. DARACLAR? silicas meets the strict requirements of the "German Purity Law," is REACH registered and HACCP compliant. 

DARACLAR? 9000HP - More Capacity, Productivity, and Value?


?By increasing productivity and product performance while decreasing environmental impact, DARACLAR? silica technology offers a cost-effective and more sustainable way to brew better beer. DARACLAR? 9000HP silica stabilizer is a "drop-in" solution for brew masters with no capital expenditure required. And, Grace's experienced, regional technical support professionals and brew masters are dedicated to providing highly-qualified support in the field and in the development of new solutions.

  • Can be integrated into all traditional beer stabilizing processes
  • No CAPEX
  • Reduces solid waste, water usage, and operating expenditures
  • Longer filtration cycles with less beer extracts lost during filtration
  • Reduce the need for DE therefore lowering total leachable metals in beer and improving food and handling safety
  • Less water usage due to increased filtration throughput
  • Fewer chemicals needed per hl of beer processed
  • Packaging flexibility

DARACLAR? 9000HP silica is engineered to decrease costs by reducing filter aid requirements and debottlenecking filter capacity all without compromising beer stabilization effectiveness.


??? ???Silica Type


?Main Application

?Main Feature

?Point of Dosage

??Hydrogel ? ??
?DARACLAR? 920 Silica

-EMEA availability

?Beer stabilizer?Best choice for difficult to stabilize beers?During racking (maturation longer than 3 days) or in filtration buffer tank
?DARACLAR? 1020 Silica
-Asia, Latin America, and EMEA availability
?Beer stabilizer?Best choice for higher productivity?During racking (maturation longer than 3 days) or in filtration buffer tank
?DARACLAR? 50M Silica
-Latin America availability
?Beer stabilizer?Best choice for higher productivity?During racking (maturation longer than 3 days) or in filtration buffer tank
?DARACLAR? 50MH Silica
-Global availability
?Beer stabilizer?Engineered to work in combination with membranes?In combination with membrane?s
?DARACLAR? 600 CS Silica

-Latin America availability

?Beer clarifier (**)?Suitable for maturation time longer than 3 days?During racking
??Xerogel ? ?
?DARACLAR? 1015 Silica
-Asia and EMEA availability
?Beer stabilizer?Best choice for higher productivity?Filtration buffer tank
?DARACLAR? 7500 SF Silica
-Latin America availability
?Beer stabilizer?Best choice for higher productivity?Filtration buffer tank
?DARACLAR? 9000 HP Silica
-Global availability????
?Multi-functional beer stabilizer?Best choice for higher productivity combined with DE(*) reduction?Filtration buffer tank

(*) DE= Diatomaceous Earth
(**) DARACLAR? CS silicas are an alternative solution to organic based clarifiers like Isinglass and the like. DARACLAR? CS silicas might help to reduce the overall need for silica stabilizer?

DARACLAR? 9000 HP silica and DARACLAR? 50 MH silica are globally available, while other DARACLAR? silica grades are regionally available. Please contact your Grace Representative to help select the appropriate grade of DARACLAR? silica for your region and application. ?