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TRISYL-455x250.jpg??????TRISYL? Silica for Edible Oil Refining


TRISYL? silicas are synthetic amorphous micronized silica used for refining and processing of edible oils and fats to help improve quality, stability, and reduce neutral oil losses.

In refining edible oils and fats, TRISYL? silicas remove naturally contained and process-induced contaminants like soaps, phospholipids, and trace metals to ensure food safety and help improve quality and stability. 

Benefits of TRISYL? silicas:

  • Recommended for use in all refining of animal, vegetable oils, and fats
  • Offers selective removal of phospholipids
  • Removes trace metals and soaps associated with the oil refining process
  • Used as an adsorbent agent for removing colloidal nickel and nickel soaps generated during hydrogenation.
  • Used as an adsorbent agent for removing soaps generated during interesterification processes.

Along the ability to remove or adsorb polar impurities and contaminants, TRISYL? silicas also can reduce costs by simplifying the refining process and helping to minimize the environmental footprint of your edible oil refining process.  Positive impacts on sustainability are achieved by reducing the water needed after primary centrifuges and minimizing the need for bleaching earth.

Helping to Deliver Healthier Solutions?

Grace has partnered with a leading global agribusiness and food company to supply TRISYL? 150IE silica, for use in a novel enzymatic interesterification technology to process edible oils. This new technology is a healthier and more efficient alternative to partial hydrogenation. Based on immobilizing enzymes, it produces no trans fats, requires fewer processing steps, occurs naturally at a lower, energy-saving temperature, and improves the stability of vegetable oil. 

Grace welcomes partnerships with key companies and engineering houses to develop tailor-made solutions for the edible oil industry.

Customer Support and Service ?


?When you choose TRISYL? silicas, you choose the benefits of working with Grace, a global leader in specialty chemical manufacturing. Our expertise in silica - a material Grace has been innovating for more than a century - is evident in the service and support we provide.

TRISYL? silicas are available in a range of grades and packaging options to meet a variety of processing requirements. Let us help you choose the best grade for your application.?



??Product Name?Main Application?Functionality?Additional Information
???HYDRO?GELS ? ? ??TRISYL?  300 Silica??Post- Treatments?Denickeling & soaps removal?TRISYL? 300B Silica for Latin America
?TRISYL? ? Silica?Oils & fats refining??Removal of polar compounds?Also for biodiesel applications
?TRISYL? 3000 BF Silica?Biodiesel feedstock pre-treatment?Removal of polar compounds?Latin America only. TRISYL 300 Silica for all other regions
?TRISYL? 450 Silica?Oils & fats refining?Specific for collagen removal from tallow?Latin America only
???XEROGELS ? ? ??TRISYL? 4030? Silica?Oils & fats refining?Removal of polar compounds?Short contact time
150 IE Silica
?Enzymatic Interesterification?Extend enzyme active life?Globally available on request
?TRISYL? CP2-7887 Silica?Special oils& fats and olechemicals?Removal of polar compounds??Available in Europe and Asia Pacific only
?TRISYL? P100? Silica?Flaxseed & Jojoba oil refining
?Removal of polar compounds?Available only on request.

The present table is offered for guidance only and is not supposed to cover all possible application of our TRISYL? Silica brand portfolio. If your specifc needs are not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact our experts that will be more than happy to develop a tailored solution for your specific needs.?