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?PHONOSORB-700x250.jpgIns??ulating Glass Adsorbents

?PHONOSORB? adsorbents for insulating glass (IG) are specifically engineered to help maintain window quality, performance, and long-term reliability. Choosing Grace IG adsorbents offers peace of mind against material failure compared to cheaper alternatives which are made with clay or other materials instead of 3A zeolite synthetic molecular sieves. 

PHONOSORB? adsorbents provide superior desiccating properties to prevent fogging. High quality, high performance PHONOSORB? adsorbents for insulating glass:

  • Meets the latest, most stringent regulatory standards.
  • Manufactured of genuine 3A synthetic zeolite material.
  • Provides fogging deflection for better insulated glass transparency.
  • Prevents moisture accumulation.
  • ??Guards against material failure years longer than less expensive alternatives.

??Made in Germany

When you choose PHONOSORB? adsorbents, you choose the benefits of working with a global leader in materials science. Our high quality, high performance adsorbents are made in Worms, Germany and come with the support of an expert technical service team dedicated to insulating glass customers. This team can work with you to test your material samples to see if they meet current requirements, as well as offer advice and recommendations on the best conditions under which Grace's molecular sieves should be used.

Contact us about how we can help you choose the proper materials to ensure your product quality and compliance.