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???Process Gas Adsorbents??


Industrial Gas Purification??

SYLOBEAD? molecular sieves are effective adsorbents for industrial gases such as synthesis gas, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, noble gases, and others that often need to dry and free of impurities for later use.



Typical applications in this industry include:

  • Removal of water and carbon dioxide from air prior to cryogenic separation of nitrogen and oxygen, in order to prevent freezing and hydrate formation
  • Purification of synthesis gas
  • Removal of common impurities such as water, carbon dioxide, CO, nitrogen, methane, and ethane from hydrogen
  • Drying of air for various applications such as compressed air, brake air, conveying air, and others

Air Separation

The traditional process to separate nitrogen and oxygen from air is by cryogenic distillation. This is still the process of choice when very high oxygen purity needs to be achieved. However, air separation by cryogenic distillation is a very energy-intensive process due to the low boiling point of nitrogen and oxygen.

For applications in which an oxygen purity of up to 95% oxygen is sufficient, air separation by selective adsorption with a molecular sieve is a cost-effective alternative.

Oxygen generation from air with SYLOBEAD? molecular sieves can either be performed by Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) or by Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA) processes.

This grade of oxygen is used to provide medical oxygen for healthcare applications or to enrich the oxygen content of water in fish farms, for example.

?To select the right SYLOBEAD? Adsorbent for your application, please contact your Grace representative.????

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