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??Refrigeration Adsorbents??


Refrigeration in industrial, automotive, and household applications is based on the rapid expansion of a refrigerant (typically chloride or fluoride containing hydrocarbon). During the expansion step, the refrigeration fluid evaporates causing a significant drop in temperature. 

During this step, it critical to avoid ice formation in the expansion valve to prevent blockage of the entire refrigeration system. Removing all residual moisture from the refrigerant is the most effective way to prevent ice formation.

Grace CRYOSIV? molecular sieves are especially suitable for removing even small traces of water vapor and are therefore ideal for such highly moisture sensitive refrigeration applications.

Today's refrigeration systems use either a loose fill molecular sieve in a copper filter, or a solid core in which the molecular sieve forms a solid block using an inorganic binder. Grace offers a full range of specialized CRYOSIV? molecular sieve products for such applications:

  • CRYOSIV? Molecular Sieve for Loose Fill Applications
  • CRYOSIV? Molecular Sieve for Solid Core Production
  • CRYOSIV? Molecular Sieve for CO2 Refrigerant ?

To select the right CRYOSIV? molecular sieve product for your application, please contact your Grace representative.

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