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Success in the renewable fuels market is ?critically dependent on overcoming the economic hurdle of biomass conversion which requires ongoing innovation and development of new technologies and solutions. Grace offers several products designed to help overcome biomass conversion and renewable technology challenges. With Grace's customized solutions, biorefining becomes simpler, faster and more efficient.

Make biofuels and renewable chemicals better with Grace specialty catalysts and adsorbents helps realize viable renewable technologies for a more sustainable future. 


SYLOBEAD? Molecular Sieves for Ethanol Dehydration

Graces? SYLOBEAD? MS 562ET 3A molecular sieves have been designed exclusively for ethanol dehydration. Water removal with molecular sieve beads in either gas or liquid phase is the preferred method to achieve ethanol content higher than 95%.

SYLOBEAD? molecular sieves offer several unique benefits including:

  • Superior rate of adsorption 
  • High physical strength to withstand the rigors of Vacuum/Pressure Swing Adsorption
  • Extremely low reactivity levels for minimal side reactions 
  • Uniform flow distribution of vapor phase ethanol and consistent drying

Grace also provides comprehensive customer and technical service to help optimize your process for maximum value and efficiency.

SYLOBEAD? Molecular Sieves for Ethanol Dehydration Brochure??

TRISYL? Silicas for Biodiesel Refining

Incorporating TRISYL? Silica Refining into your production process offers distinct and important advantages.  TRISYL? Silica Refining is an engineered synthetic adsorbent that significantly reduces phospholipids, trace metals and soaps from biodiesel feedstock oils and fats in both physical and chemical refinining operations. TRISYL? Silica Refining helps improve process control and reduce overall operating costs. 

  • Capital - TRISYL? silica is easy to incorporate and offers the option of eliminating water wash centrifuges.
  • Environmental - Using TRISYL? Silica Refining reduces plant effluents (filter cake and centrifuge effluents).
  • Quality - High purity and inert TRISYL? silica ensures oil quality while also minimizing clay usage and associated adverse effects.?

TRISYL? Silica Refining? Brochure?


EnRich? Catalysts for Renewable Fuels and Chemicals??

Grace brings significant experience in catalyst design, manufacturing and characterization.  Partner with Grace now to access our portfolio of catalysts and customized catalysts for biomass conversion. We have ongoing research and development to improve the efficiency and selectivity of catalysts for renewable applications.  ?

For more information on Enrich? Catalysts, please refer to the Catalysts section of our web site under Biofuels Catalysts.