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General Industrial


???Rubber & Tire Additives??


A large number of natural and synthetic rubbers such as NR, BR, SBR, NBR, EPDM, CR, and VMQ need additional reinforcing fillers to achieve the desired properties for the final product.

The primary rubber reinforcing fillers are carbon blacks ("black" fillers) and precipitated amorphous silicas ("white" fillers). Reinforcing "white" fillers such as Grace's PERKASIL? precipitated silicas are effective in rubber formulations to add tear strength, abrasion resistance, and aging resistance to rubber products.


Environmental initiatives to reduce landfill and pollutants from discarded tires have motivated the tire industry to improve wear, performance, and longevity to help minimize tire waste. Use of PERKASIL?precipitated silicas reduces tread rolling resistance and improves dry/wet grip properties and tread wear. In OTR tire tread formulations, PERKASIL? silica improves cut, chip, and chunk resistance. In addition, PERKASIL? silica improves steel cord adhesion to rubber in the steel belt layer of the tire.

Technical Rubber

?PERKASIL? precipitated silica improves the mechanical properties of the rubber vulcanisate, resulting in improved tensile strength, tear strength, tear resistance, and? abrasion resistance. Typical applications for PERKASIL? silicas:

  • ?Roll coverings (NRB, EPDM, SBR)
  • Conveyor belts (NR)
  • Transmission belts
  • Gaskets, seals (Q)
  • Cables
  • Sheathing (CR, CM)
  • Flooring


Reinforcing "white" fillers, such as PERKASIL? precipitated silicas, have advantages in footwear applications compared to "black" fillers including improved abrasion properties, reduced flex cracking and fatigue. In addition, white filled shoe soles leave no black marks on flooring. Grace's PERKASIL? silicas can be used in a variety of footwear applications:

  • Shoe soles
  • Transparent shoe soles
  • Micro-cellular soles
  • Thermoplastic rubber soles