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??????????SYLOBLOC? Anti-Blocking Agents???

Grace Is a Leader in Anti-Blocking Technology ?contact-us-banner-130x180.jpg????

Grace is a leader in providing a non-toxic, non-crystalline (amorphous), high-purity silica process aid as a trusted solution for resin producers, masterbatch and compounding companies.  Our SYLOBLOC antiblocking agents are consistently produced at the right particle size and pore volume to “micro roughness” to eliminate blocking and still deliver the optical and physical properties required for your product.  SYLOBLOC is highly dispersible to ensure maximum antiblocking efficiency, low trace contaminants to ensure stability, and is approved for food contact.  We have a wide range of products in our portfolio for various film thicknesses and polymer types.?

Superior Technical Support?

When you choose SYLOBLOC? silica anti-blocking agents, you choose the benefits of working with Grace. Our expertise in additives is evident in the performance improvements you can see and feel. Grace's experienced engineers can work with you to develop solutions to deliver the right product characteristics for your application. And, our committed R&D and technical support teams' comprehensive understanding of industry-specific processes and issues to ensure you receive the maximum value from our products.?